4 handmade Bees wax Tealights


4 handmade, hand poured 100% natural Bees wax tealights in stylish clear polycarbonate cases with a burn time of over 4 hours each, perfect for any melt burner.

In addition to supporting sustainable beekeeping, natural beeswax candles help clean the air while burning by reducing pollutants that cause asthma and allergies. Unlike paraffin candles, which are made with a petroleum-based wax, beeswax candles have a completely clean non-toxic burn and produce negative ions when burning. This is claimed by some to help with allergies.

Larger quantities available at a discounted rate as well as the option to colour and scent. Drop us a message for details.


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4 handmade Bees wax Tealights in stylish clear polycarbonate cases with a 4 hour burn time.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 260 × 3 × 3 mm
Chakra sticks

Strawberry for Root, Orange for Sacral, Lemon for Solar Plexus, Mint for Heart, Lavender for Throat, Blueberry for Third Eye, Blackberry for Crown


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