Personalised Soy Candle gifts


Lowe & Co Personalised Soy Candle gifts.

Want to send the ultimate personalised gift?

Well this is it……. and it’s a free service too!

You choose the scent, size, and even the message of this hand poured, handmade Soy wax tin candle. I’ve included a few examples but it can be anything. Your favorite image, a photograph, or an internet meme. It can be sentimental, funny or filthy, I don’t mind, you make the rules. 

To order, simply select from the options below (you can also choose the examples shown), Choose your scent (see description list below), insert the text you would like to use and either upload your own image in the section below or send me the imagine either by email (, facebook, Instagram, Twitter or carrier pigeon. Use whatever method suits you best.

I’ll then send you a mock up photograph or video of the design to make sure you like it and see if you would like any changes before gift wrapping it and sending it to the location of your choice.

It is the ultimate in flexibility and will leave you with a truly unique gift, even if you send it to yourself.

These Beautifully hand crafted, hand poured soy wax scented candle are cruelty free, eco friendly, vegan friendly and made to order so please allow a 2-3 days.

We are fully insured and all Soy wax Candles are CLP compliant. See Info & Care for more information and allergy information.

If you wish to use your own image, please upload it below.

Upload files

Now, please choose the following options;


Personalised message

If you've chosen one of the example designs and love it the way it is, ignore this next section and simply select ADD TO BASKET but if you would like to change the colour scheme of the design please select your chosen colours below.


Lowe & Co Personalised Soy Candle gifts.

These Beautifully hand crafted, hand poured soy wax scented candle are cruelty free, eco friendly, vegan friendly and made to order so please allow a 2-3 days.

We are fully insured and all Soy wax Candles are CLP compliant. See Info & Care for more information.

Fragrance options

1. Seaweed & Juniper – a fresh invigorating accord opening with refreshing notes of white tea, lemon, mandarin, pear and green tea with a light floral background with amber and soft woods. A bracing but cosy aroma.

2. Black Cherry – a delicious strong and vibrant scent identical to a tub of ripe cherries, retaining all the sweetness of Cherry but adding notes of rum notes and a deep red tartness. A scent that will fill your space with a rich cosy aroma.

3. Baby Powder – a full bodied scent identical to rich spicy cinnamon powder. With notes of cinnamon bark, allspice, and vanilla, this fragrance will radiate heat to every corner of your home.

4. Red Hot Cinnamon – a full bodied scent identical to rich spicy cinnamon powder. With notes of cinnamon bark, allspice, and vanilla, this fragrance will radiate heat to every corner of your home.

5. Aventos – Nature-inspired notes lend a sense of energy to this men’s fragrance, that blends delicate florals with fruity notes, or choose a zesty, citrus-based fragrance to bring a cosy aroma to grey days.

6. Fresh Linen – a powdery, musky floral accord with violet, orange blossom along with refreshing green hints and jasmine and lily. It has Top Notes: Citrus, Galbanum, an intense green fragrance with woody and balsamic elements. Heart Notes of Violet, Orange Blossom, Lily, Jasmine and base Notes of Woods, Amber, Musk and is scent that will fill your space with a wonderful cosy aroma.

7. Tobacco & Oak – is a warm, woody chypre accord of strong, smoky tobacco and dusty oak, enhanced further by leather, spice and musk….. just like an aftershave! A sensual cosy aroma..

8. Cedarwood & Jasmine with base notes of woodsy, balsamic cedarwood with fresh floral top notes of Jasmine for a fresh room filling aroma. A luxury high quality fragrance.

9. New Car Smell – This fragrance is similar in style and identity to that aroma you get when opening the car door in the first few months of ownership. You instantly think of plastic but it’s nothing like it. A great balance of amber, birch tar, castoreum, cedar, moss and leather.

10. Lime Cooler – a zesty lime accord with notes of vanilla and coconut. This is a great fresh scent which is ideally suited to the kitchen and masks what you’ve cooked for lunch.

11. Candy Apple – a crisp and fruity scent derived from a blend of green and red apple to temper the sweetness. The Green Apple notes add wonderful freshness, depth and tartness to the scent.

12. Coffee Mocha – A mouthwatering medley of fresh coffee, cream and caramel.


14. Bubblegum – a sweet uplifting and fun scent reminiscent of the popular confectionery first invented in Philadelphia. A sweet fun scent has notes of strawberry, sugar, bergamot, raspberry, whipped cream, peach, pineapple and citrus accord

15. Spring Awakening is similar to the popular fabric conditioner. Trapped in the scent of spring flowers and hints of natural patchouli and white cedar, you can look forward to a revitalizing, uplifting experience that will leave you feeling invigorated and totally refreshed.

16. Alien Attack – is similar to the womens fragrance Alien which a rich floral, woody, amber aroma containing jasmine, sambac, cashmeran wood and white amber. It is a fragrance to wake your emotions.

17. Pomegranate Black – this fragrance is similar in style and identity to a well known fragrance. Rich and fruity pomegranate and raspberry, the elegant floral note of Casablanca lily and the warmth of guaiac wood and amber

18. Parma Violets – a concentrated aroma, identical to the scent of those little purple parma violet sweets. It is packed with sweet and fresh base notes, reminiscent of a childhood sweet shop. Guaranteed to bring those memories flooding back! A familiar cosy aroma.

19. Tuscan Leather – In Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather, a smoky, bitter birch-tar leather accord combines with thyme, raspberry, and saffron to create a scent paradox: A scent that’s both clean and sultry, bone-dry and sweet.

20. Vanilla – is full and sweet, identical to freshly chopped vanilla pods. It has a distinctive spicy but delicate floral aroma packed with vanilla scent. A top selling classic fragrance.

21. Beer – Yes, its smells like Beer. An aromatic fragrance supported by notes of yeast and malt. Surprisingly nice.

22. Dettol Fragrance – New and improved. Smelling similar to the first aid antiseptic that is well known by so many for that extra clean scent. Not affiliated with the anti septic manufacturer this fragrance oil simply smells similar to the product.

23. Twilight Garden – A beautiful blend of flowering lilies with rich ylang-ylang and jasmine, perfectly balanced with uplifting notes of peach, apple and long-lasting musk.Cherry Bakewell – A sweet suculent mix of rich Cherry and warm Almonds

24. Cherry Bakewell – A sweet succulent mix of rich Cherry and warm Almonds

25. Armani – Acqua Di Gio – top notes include Mandarin, Lime, Bergamot, Jasmine and Lemon, heart notes which include Rose, Peach, Violet, Coriander and Nutmeg as well as base notes of Amber, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Cedar and Musk

26. Gaultier – Le Male – notes of wormwood, bergamot, cardamom, lavender, orange blossom, cinnamon, cumin, wood, musk, amber, vanilla and tonka bean.

27. Izzy Myaki – L’eau d’essey – fresh yet warm, woody scent accented with spicy notes. It has top notes of juniper, bergamot and lavender, middle notes of sage, coriander and freesia and base notes of sandalwood, moss and cedar.

28. Tom Ford – Noir – complex blend of saffron, black rose and truffle, with softer notes of vanilla, patchouli and oud wood. A very sophisticated scent, intense and unusual

29. Patchouli & Musk – Get your freak on with this beautifully balanced Patchouli & Musk scent. A rich, sweet and mellow accord and not at all like the aged hippy you have in mind…. Deep and tenacious this scent gives off a surprisingly sweet aroma.

30. Amber & Lavender – A rich fragrance opening with top notes of lavender and geranium leading into a heart of soft woods resting on a base of amber, frankincense and tonka.

31. Blackcurrant & Argawood – This captivating scent opens with a delectable compote of luscious blackcurrant, plum, raspberry, strawberry and apple, softened by a heart of violet, rose and jasmine. On dry down, a rich blend of sandalwood, cedarwood, guiacwood, amber and patchouli completes the fragrance.

32. Blue Coral & Sea Salt – A crisp ozonic floral fragrance opening with top notes of citrus fruits, cool marine notes, green notes and marigold supported by a floral heart of freesia, tea, waterlily, osmanthus, jasmin and rose resting on a base of musk, precious woods and dry fruits.

33. Aloe Vera & Cucumber – This is amazing. The uplifting scent of Aloe Vera perfectly matching the cool crispness of freshly cut cucumber.

34. Grapefruit & Lemon – Grapefruit and Lemon come face to face in an explosion of citrus zing that will leave any space feeling fresh, uplifted and Vibrant. Perfect to brighten up your living room, kitchen or bathroom.

35. Avocado & Mint – The herbal, floral and woody scent of fresh Avocado balanced with refreshing mint to create another perfect mix for summer.

36. Raspberry & Peppercorn – A sparkling red raspberry fragrance warmed with red and black peppercorn. Luxurious, Intoxicating blend of sweet and sharp.

37. Fahrenheit – Inspired by the original Fahrenheit this is a revolutionary modern fragrance with top notes of mandarin, a highly original violet accord and a warm cedar, patchouli and leather drydown. A virile, delicate and rounded fragrance.

38. Tide Pool – the familiar aroma of fresh seashore smells through intense marine and ozone notes, with slight floral overtones and exuding a strong and prominent smell associated with that sea side air.

39. Coconut & Citrus – A rich creamy coconut fragrance enlivened by fresh lime and verbena

40. Lime, Basil & Mandarin – Peppery basil and aromatic white thyme bring an unexpected twist to the scent of limes on a Caribbean breeze. A modern classic

41. Ylang Ylang – The ultimate exotic scent, packed with sweet, floral aromas

42. Rose – Remind yourself of summer with this beautiful, light, crisp, red rose fragrance

43. Fresh Bread – soft notes of butter and sweet dough

44. Sour Grapes – A strange mix of Whine, Sour Grapes and petulance combine surprisingly well to create the aroma of victory champagne.

45. Tuscan Herbs – A timeless Mediterranean treat. Top notes of freshly rubbed tomato leaves, Sicilian lemon groves and sun ripened oranges lead into a bouquet garni of freshly crushed oregano. Base notes include aromatic woods.

46. Enchanted Forest Frolic in a forest of evergreens as fresh fir needles fall among aromatic white cedar and musk, with a wintery whisper of citrus. Top notes of bergamot, wild flowers, black currant and lemon rind meanders into a heart of balsam, cashmere wodos and tonka. Base notes include pine, oakmoss and fire needles.

47. Bois woods – A fresh, herbal accord of eucalyptus and spices, leading into a heart of clove, floral, magnolia and nutmeg. Woody base notes include cedarwood, musk and mosses.

48. Rhubarb & Custard – Fruity, tart rhubarb fragrance with creamy vanilla custard notes.

49. Peppermint & Eucalyptus – Sweet and strong peppermint mingles with freshly picked eucalytus leaves. This super strong fragrance has a high essential oil content. Great for overcoming strong odours, such as pet smells.

50. Red Plum and Cedar – a mellow. well balanced accord of sweet red plum and warm cedar.

51. Dragons Blood – an alluring woody, earthy scent with fruity notes on a base of sweet amber, patchouli and sandalwood.

52. Black Magic – zesty orange highlights and the sweet liquorice aroma of aniseed, this fragrance captures the mystical essence of Halloween. A warm spicy blend of ginger and clove wraps an intoxicating jasmine heart, leading to a base of herbal patchouli and creamy vanilla.

53. Jelly Beans – A sweet and fruity accord with nuances of raspberry and strawberry cooled slightly by gentle citrus notes on a sugar sweet vanilla base.

54. Firesmoke & Leather – A rich warming accord with top notes of citrus and herbal on a heart of jasmine, tobacco, leather and a hint of raspberry supported by a base of cedarwood, musk, amber, smoky vetiver and moss.

55. Siberian Pine – A rich Herbal fragrance dominated by Siberian Pine alongside Eucalyptus & Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Guaiacwood, Musk

56. Christmas Spice. A stunning, spicy Christmas composition. Warming notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove underpin a glazed orange heart. A must-have Christmas classic.

57. Winter Gingerbread. The aroma of spicy warm gingerbread rich with nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar will evoke childhood memories of gingerbread men and gingerbread houses. Perfect for a spreading the festive glow throughout your home !

General Information

How to care for your candle

Here are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your candle:

Wick Care

Soy wax is known to burn with minimal soot but all candles will emit a degree of soot if the wick is not cared for (see below). To Avoid soot and lengthen the life of your candle keep your wick trimmed to 5-8mm . This is particularly important to avoid black soot marks on glass container candles. If you have a Wooden wick these tend to be self-trimming, but if the excess burnt wood is longer than 6-7mm, break off the extra burnt wood before you light it.

If you have burned the candle a while and the flame is very low, you may need to remove the extra burnt wood at the top of the wick.

Burning Instructions

Soy wax has a memory in that it will follow the path of the previous burn so for the first time we recommend burning your candle until the wax has melted to the edge of the container. When you light it again it will follow that path and no wax will be wasted. It is also recommended that you burn your candle for a max of 4 hours each time and keep the wick trimmed to 5mm to 8mm.

Please remove all packaging prior to lighting and follow candle safety advice at all times.

Burn Time

Each size of candle or melt has an estimated burn time. The burn time is based on tests we do here and also by independent testers. There are many factors that effect burn time such as the ambient temperature of the room, container diameter and fragrance characteristics. This is why every candle is tested with every variation of container, fragrance or wax blend. Any estimation of time is based on burning your candle for a maximum of 4 hours in every 24 hours period and relies on following our candle care instructions including keeping the wick trimmed.

Candle Safety

To prevent fire and serious injury

  • Burn candle within sight and do not leave unattended.
  • Keep away from drafts and vibrations.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Never burn candles on or near anything flammable.
  • Keep candle free of any foreign materials inc. matches and wick trimmings.
  • Only burn the candle on a level fire resistant surface.

Candle containers get hot when burnt for a long time and may mark painted or varnished surfaces – we recommend the use of a candle plate under your candle to prevent scorching and accidental wax spillage.

When you’re done burning, blow out your candle, don’t extinguish with the lid or with water.

Once the candle has reached about 10mm of wax remaining, stop burning it.

Continuing to burn past this point is a fire hazard.

Soy wax candles burn slower and are more temperature sensitive than paraffin candles. Your burn rate and candle characteristics might be different depending on the temperature of the room you burn it in.

Re-use or recycle your packaging

We use metal tins which can be re-purposed and make great storage tins. Our Glass beeswax tumblers make great scotch glasses!

 For more information please see our Info & Care section of the website


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Additional information

Weight 240 g
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 69 mm
Choose a fragrance

Acqua Di Gio, Alien, Aloe Vera & Cucumber, Amber & Lavender, Aventos, Avocado & Mint, Baby Powder, Beer, Black Cherry, Blackcurrent & Agarwood, Blue Coral & Sea Salt, Bois woods, Bubblegum, Candy Apple, Cedarwood & Jasmine, Cherry Bakewell, Christmas Spice, Coconut & Citrus, Code, Coffee Mocha, Dettol, Dragons Blood, Enchanted Forest, Farenheit, Firesmoke & Leather, Fresh Bread, Fresh Linen, Grapefruit & Lemon, Grapefruit Lux, Jelly Beans, L’eau d’essey, Le Male, Lime Cooler, Lime, Basil & Mandarin, New Car Smell, Noir, Parma Violets, Patchouli & Musk, Peppermint & Eucalyptus, Pomegranate Black Noir, Raspberry & Peppercorn, Red Hot Cinnamon, Red Plum, Red Plum & Cedar, Rhubard & Custard, Rose, Seaweed & Juniper, Siberian Pine, Sparkling Champagne, Spring Awakening, Tide Pool, Tobacco & Oak, Tuscan Herbs, Tuscan Leather, Twilight Garden, Vanilla, Winter Gingerbread, Ylang Ylang

Design selection

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