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Another brilliant collection of 24 star mini melts in our 4 more of our most popular scents. Each box contains 24 stars which weigh in at a minimum of 5g each, and trust me, most are in the region of 6-8g most of the time as I still haven’t mastered the art of when to stop pouring!

6 stars of each fragrance gives you the opportunity to select something to match the mood and also serves as a great opportunity to try out a scent before investing in a candle. We love these. I won’t begin to explain the logistics of creating a batch of these on a narrowboat but woe betide anyone that steps onto the boat mid pour!

By far our most popular product, this collection fits through a letterbox too so delivery is easy and your mood busting melts are ready to soothe away the day without wondering which bin the courier has hidden them behind.

Keep an eye out for a new quarterly collections as we expand our fragrance range and the seasons change.

You’ll love these.

ps. colours may vary.

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24 star mini melts.

Place 2-3 wax melt inside the bowl of the warmer. If the melts are small and the warmer’s bowl is comparatively large, add another melt of the same fragrance. Light the wick of a tealight candle and place it in the warmer in the area beneath the bowl.

Using wax melts, tarts, or cubes requires a wax warmer.  It’is imperative to use a warmer or burner specifically designed for wax melts and not one designed for burning essential oils as the flame height is too close to the bowl and can reach temperatures much higher than designed for your wax melts, and this will quickly burn out your scent.

Most of our large wax melts will produce a strong fragrance for 10-15 hours of warming time before needing to be replaced but limit your melt time to 4 hours in any one session allowing the wax to set between sessions. our collection of 24 star mini melts last around 6 hours per melt.

You may see smoke coming from your burner. This isn’t smoke but evaporation from the fragrance oil contained in the wax. Normally this will settle down after 5-10 minutes but check that your warmer isn’t getting too hot and, if the bowl of your warmer is large enough, adding another melt can some times reduce this vapour as the extra wax reduces the temperature of the bowl.

Once your melt has used up the fragrance allow it to cool and wipe or let it set. If set adding heat via a tealight for a few minutes will loosen the hardened wax pool enough for you to slide it free of the bowl. At this point you need to dispose of it responsibly or you can save all you used melts and make your own candle or tea lights.

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Additional information

Weight 75 g
Dimensions 110 × 80 × 30 mm


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